Tuesday, November 28, 2006


If I were interviewed in "Home Genius" magazine (or paid a visit by the City inspector) it might go something like this:

We heard you did some of your own work recently. Mind if we ask a few questions?

What's with that huge glob there, and why is the whole fitting slathered in solder?

Oops. Caught that one on fire there a little bit, didn't ya?

Ouch. Caught this one on fire a litte too, huh? Oh yeah - and is a U-turn really the best way to route a pipe?

This was definitely on fire though, right? I mean, that one looks like a real burner, there.

How'd you get the flames extinguished - by the way? Just asking. You know, sweating pipes actually requires little heat. If you've got it set up right, the solder will just flow into the fitting.

Oh, look at that. That is a
sweet-looking solder joint. Seriously. That's textbook. Oh, wait - you almost melted the shit (literally, the shit) out of that plastic pipe behind it, didn't you? Right there, under the "A". Way to go, MacGyver. What - you can't smell burning plastic?

And it'd probably just get worse from there.

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