Sunday, November 05, 2006

Trucker Hat

Today's entry, for no apparent reason, will be comprised solely of CB jargon.

Breaker breaker, this here’s the CornGator. Seen some longhaired friends of Jesus drivin' a pregnant roller skate out of Shakey City. They was bein’ pulled over by a beaver bear. Smile and comb your hair. Got a copy?

Big ten-four. You got the Rubber Duck. I shot an eyeball on it. Looks like someone spilled honey on the road. Gonna back off the hammer so I don’t get a bear bite. Bet you needed the jake, too. Comeback?

Suppository. Got a comic book to keep.

Ten-fourty, little brother. Gotta cut the coax, so we’ll throw you the three’s and eight’s. Keep your eyes and ears open and your black stack smokin’. We gone.

That’s a four. Keep the bugs off your glass and bears off your ass. We down, out, and on the side.


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