Friday, November 17, 2006

Still Here

Had that job done in two pretty painful hours. Those pipes come apart a lot harder than they go together, that's for sure. Thankfully, I scored a 24" pipe wrench and that was the tool. Sweet! So Phase One is complete and I have a 3/4" gas feed available for my awesome fun Christmas gift (shown uninstalled here in the ugliest photo ever, foreground, with leaky old electric heater in background.)

A word of caution regarding shutting your gas off; it's a pain and isn't nearly as accessible as you might hope, should you find yourself in some sort of gas emergency. For all the safety they think they've got covered, I'm not sure how that one has slipped by. Major tip #2: Turn your gas back on slowly. There's a bladder there in the main and if it senses gas rushing into it quickly, it will break and stop the supply. Then you have to call the gas company. You'll also want to have a pretty creative excuse handy.

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