Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Two Things

Joe Walsh is the coolest. If the guitar strap of choice in this photo doesn't prove it, then how 'bout this; during a live version of "Funk #49" the band stops, he plays this short and kick-ass guitar thing, stops and shouts, "Dat's-a-so nice!" then keeps right on rockin'. For quality guitar and entertainment, you just can't beat it.

Today, I am married {gasp} 15 years.


nato said...

Best-costumed trick-or-treater to visit us in the South End of Burlington this year was a boy in his early teens with long-haired, disheveled wig, dark glasses, smudge marks all over his face, the works. You guessed it: "I'm Joe Walsh!"

I: "Oh, so 'life's been good to you so far'?"

He: "Yeah, but I can't get candy because nobody knows who I am."

...and... Happy 15th Anniversary, Diane and Matt!

owner said...

"this year"? You mean someone has topped that costume? Not in our end of town, my friend.